Essdee Marketing has a range of dahi starter cultures that we supply to the Indian market. If you would like to order some or would like to know more about these cultures, do get in touch with us at:

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Our range of cultures

Dahi Cultures

Type T

Type TL

Type TP

Type M

Type MO

Type SP

Type XT

We also offer phage alternatives for these cultures.

Cheese Types








The culture in each pack can be used to make 5 litres of starter culture, which in turn can be used to make 250 to 500 litres of dahi. We also supply small packs to make 1 litre of starter. These are ideal as trial packs or as home use packs.

*Our cultures are only sold in India right now.


ex-Pune Prices (Sales tax and Forwarding extra as applicable)


Essdee Dahi (Starter) Cultures :

i) 5 lt packs : Rs,130/pack
ii) 1 lt packs : Rs.36/pack

The Essdee Dahi (Starter) Culture range includes :

a) Thermophilic cultures – Type T, Type TL, Type TP, Type XT
b) Mesophilic cultures – Type M0, Type M1
c) Mixed cultures – Type SP


Essdee DTV cultures (for 5 lt milk) :

A bag of DTV cultures contains 20 packs of DTV cultures priced at Rs.400/bag for all DTV types.

Essdee DTV cultures (for 10 lt milk) :

A bag of DTV cultures contains 10 packs of DTV cultures priced at Rs. 370/bag for all DTV types.

The Essdee DTV culture range includes :

a) Mesophilic cultures

b) Cheddar cultures

c) Mozzarella cultures

d) Feta cultures

e) Thermophilic cultures

Microbial Rennet :

Fromase 2200 TL granulate in original 500 gm packing – Rs.2950/500 gm bottle.

SureSet Rennet 50 gm bottle – Rs.400/bottle

Calcium Chloride for Cheesemaking

a) 200 gm bottle – Rs.100/bottle

Digital thermometer – Rs.700/piece

Digital pH meter – Rs.900/piece

250 ml Buffer Solution (pH 7.0) – Rs.250/bottle

Please check the correct amounts payable, including taxes applicable and courier charges. In view of exchange rate fluctuations, prices are subject to change at short notice.

Our Bank details are as follows:

HDFC Bank: A/C No. 00072320002398 (NEFT IFSC: HDFC0000007)

Yes Bank: A/C No. 000883800002449 (NEFT IFSC: YESB0000008)

Canara Bank: A/C No. 0262201003560 (NEFT IFSC: CNRB0000262)

For detailed information on instructions for use, please contact us.