For centuries, we in India have made dahi in our homes the traditional way day after day. Today, however, with many more housewives working, there has been a huge change in the dahi-making habits of many of our urban users. Many more buy packaged dahi now and you can find even very small shops stocking dahi in pouches or tubs.
With packaged dahi comes the need for healthy manufacturing practices and newer methodologies. No longer is it enough for the milkman to convert the milk that is left over into dahi at the end of the day. Today’s customer wants a dahi that is well-set and well packaged and they definitely want and look for consistency in each brand. It also goes without saying that they expect every packaged product to be safe and healthy.
At Essdee Marketing, we know what the customer wants and we can give you a dahi culture to match those demands. Every state and maybe even different areas within a state have different tastes when it comes to dahi. That’s why you need us. We import the best dahi starter culture, we blend and formulate it to suit the different Indian tastes and we make it available to you in varying pack sizes. When you buy from us, you can count on getting the best quality and great consistency batch after batch.
If you are not sure about what kind of dahi you need to produce, we have trial packs that you can buy and use in order to conduct small test marketing studies. Even if you are a first-timer, when it comes to dahi starter cultures, we will give you directions exactly what to do and if you have any problems with getting used to using cultures, we will try and guide you through them.
Whether you want to make plain dahi or flavoured yoghurt or fruit yoghurts, we have just the starter culture for you.