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The company has been in the business of dairy ingredients for nearly 12 years. It grew out of Essdee Chemocrats, a company that acted as a distributor for some of the leading dairy ingredients manufacturers in the world. Today, Essdee Marketing is involved in growing the market with its range of dairy ingredients.

India is a price conscious and a price sensitive market and in a scenario like this, Essdee is doing its bit to allow dairy product manufacturers to use international products even if they are small and starting up. For many small yoghurt manufacturers for example, buying expensive Direct Vat Set or DVS cultures becomes a very expensive proposition. So Essdee supplies them with starter cultures of the highest quality in smaller packs so it makes it viable for them to use cultures manufactured to the highest standards of quality and hygiene.
Having worked for years in this market and building up trust with our customers over these years, it was easy for us to introduce these new packs into the market and have them tried and accepted. Many of our customers will tell you that they are comfortable working with us because they can count on us for high quality products, for timely deliveries and for professional, technical advice.
Essdee Marketing was set up by Bharat Kagal who has experience in this field for almost three decades. He has built up the company to ensure that it stands for more than just the small affordable high quality dairy culture pack you might buy. With every pack comes expert technical advice that will help you make a better dairy product. We keep our ears to the ground and we keep tabs on what flavours and tastes are getting popular. With India becoming the largest milk producer in the world, the business of dairy products will only grow in leaps and bounds.
These packs are available not just for the manufacturer who starts small but also for those who want to do trials with different types of dairy products before they decide on one. When the price per unit is low, people are inspired to buy and try. We are well up on the different parameters of taste, texture and type that different people from different parts of the country like and we offer products to suit every taste.
We don’t supply only to the smaller dairies but to some large ones as well. With more and more dairy product units being set up especially for dahi, Essdee Marketing is spreading its wings throughout the country – with no advertising, just by word of mouth.

Technical help and advice
We are more than suppliers because we can also advise you on what dairy ingredients are best for you and the kind of products you want to produce. While our advice about the various ingredients that we offer and the recommendations we make are free, we also offer consultancy services. Talk to us if you are interested.

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